Medium – PhotoHub…870 Dundas Street East.

If you haven’t already done so, get yourself down to this place today! If not today, do it by the weekend. Medium is a photo studio, photo gallery, darkroom – both wet and digital all rolled into one location that is best described as being a PhotoHub. Presently there is some stellar documentary work on the walls by local photographer and one of Medium’s core photographers – Menno Meijer – behind the desk you will find John Densky, a good friend, a great photographer and the driving force behind this place…oh yeah, and for all you photographers who want to, or think you want to cover war…ask John about his six weeks in Syria this past summer shooting for the Guardian…yes, that Guardian as in London England. This will be the PLACE in London for photographers of all levels, genre’s and expertise..check it out and discover just what you can do there.


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