New camera, new lens, new post…


Wow, it has been far too long since I posted here. The last few months have been pretty packed with work and projects. More on that over then next few days, and being here today, is not a signal it is quieting down at all…a full week is on tap at the paper, plus three commercial shoots that were booked long before I was called to fill in at the paper.

This was shot on Friday in Toronto. I added some new capabilities into my camera bag through the addition of Canon 1DS Mk3 and Sigma’s new 35mm f1.4. Have wanted a full frame body for some time now and that lens is sweet…sharper than Canon’s and the build quality feels like a Zeiss! Sigma, if you are listening, I hope you plans for a fast 50 and 85 as well, and if they are as good as this…I will certainly be investing into them.

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