The Gales of November.


Like many others, I was blown away (excuse the pun) in 2015 by NHL Photographer Dave Sandford and the work he shot of Lake Erie during what is commonly known as the Gales of November. Growing up in Southwestern Ontario I have seen these windswept waves and surf for years, but it wasn’t until seeing Sandford’s work did I discover the beauty, and savagery, that can be found in them. I’ve waited for a year to get out and shoot and it started the last weekend of October. It is quite impressive to see these waves crash into each other, sometimes creating vertical columns that look like a whale breaching the water. This is one from my first day out, you can see more work from that day here TheGalesOfNovember

I hope you like them, and if you have time check out Dave Sandford’s work, his work is quite impressive.

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