Lessons Learned.


“…and every now and then, remember to look behind you.”

That tid-bit of gold was given to me more than 25 years ago by a photographer I met while shooting an assignment. To this day I remember the conviction in his voice and sincerity in his eyes has he said it. I also remember thinking at the time, this was one of those unwritten pearls of wisdom that come after years of experience.

The picture here happened as a result of that advice. I was in Goderich Ontario on a booking for a corporate client. It was unseasonably warm and I, along with many others headed down to the lakeshore to enjoy another Lake Huron sunset.

I was shooting into the sun and after making a few pictures, turned around to take a look behind me. At first I saw this couple sitting on this natural pier. I made a couple of pictures with just them sitting in the frame. Then, a large flock of Canadian Geese who were floating in the bay began to squak and within a few seconds began to take flight.

I was a little further away than I would have liked, however using my 400mm lens I was able to fill the frame with this image just as this break away group of geese flew overhead.

Photography is a lot of putting yourself in the right place at the right time. It is also a little bit about luck, but most importantly it is about remembering lessons from the past.

Thanks Bill.


You can see more of my work by clicking on the “Galleries” tab here Mark Spowart Photography



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