A New Chapter


In May of 2016 along with my partner Corrie we were able to realize a dream we both shared and purchased an 1987 Airstream Sovereign. We had been looking for a while, more than a year actually, when she saw the ad for this one. And unlike many of the others we have come across this one was only 20 minutes away. Having missed out on three others we knew we had to get out and see it right away. We were able to arrange a viewing between the end of her work day and just before I had to leave for an assignment. One walk through and we bought it right there, right then.

During the past year we have been renovating the inside. Corrie came up with a great colour scheme and design ideas for the interior and we ran with it. We put the finishing touches on it earlier this month. The picture above is from the first test run to make sure all the systems are working as they should and thankfully they are.

Our plans for Amelia – yes, we named it – are two fold. It will be a home away from home on my stock shooting trips and we will of course use it for family time. As mentioned I have had it out once and will be taking it out again very soon, and often.

You can see more pictures of her here and if you wish you can follow my travels in her on my second Instagram account @TinCanPhotog

And if you happen to see us somewhere, stop by and say Hi, its always great to meet new people.



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